Studio Cartoons Deluxe specializes in hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation, artwork, & lettering for contemporary mediums, branding, and apparel — commonly exploring retro cartoon & comic aesthetics in sci-fi, fantasy, psychedelia, horror, surf, snow, & motorsport.

︎US representation Totally Reps NYC

︎UK, Europe & Australia Choreus (Jacky Winter)

︎ Part of Hot Cake UK
+47 950 18 243

︎What I do ︎︎︎

2D animation
comp artist
2D FX animation
motion design
music composition

︎What I do it with︎︎︎

ToonBoom Harmony
After Effects

︎Familiar clients︎︎︎

Brain Dead
Coal Headwear
Bremont Watches
The Gentleman Racer 
Williams F1 Racing Team
the ARP Foundation
Angry Birds

︎Agencie’s and studio’s I work with︎︎︎
1st Avenue Machine (UK)
Blinkink (UK)
Pass The Peas (IDN)
Good Ideas (AUS)
R.N.A. (AMS)
Jolby (USA)
Feed Me Light (UK)
Neue Design
EY Doberman


Red Dot Design Award 2023
Brand Design
Kassa (EY Doberman)

D&AD 2023
Kassa (EY Doberman)

Visuelt 2023
Kassa (EY Doberman)

Visuelt 2022
Gold in Omgivelsesdesign
"Utstillingsdesign ‘Ulv! Ulv!’"

Visuelt 2022
Diplom i Program Design & Title Sequence
"Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2021 Vignette"

Gullblyanten 2021 (presented in 2022)
Bronse in Identitet
"ULV! ULV!" exhibition for NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet

Art Directors Club 2020
Merit Award in the prestigious brand design category
"Matstreif Identity" (SDG)

Visuelt 2020
Nominated for Best Illustrations
"Vipps" (SDG)

Visuelt 2020
Nominated for Best Identity Film
"Matstreif Identity"

Visuelt 2019
Gold for Best Reklame/Promo (advertisement)
"Obos Nabohjelp"

Visuelt 2019
Nominated for Best Identity Film
"Gullblyanten 2017"

Gullblyanten 2018
Diplom i Håndverk (Honorable Mention in Craftsmanship)
"Gullblyanten 2017 Identity"

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2018
Nominated for best Advertisement
"Obos Nabohjelp"

Gullbranson 2018
Gold - Våghalsen(Daredevil)
Nomination - Best Animated Film
Nomination - Best Promo
"Gullblyanten 2017"

Visuelt 2017
Diplom - Moving Image - Identity
"DOA fest"

Visuelt 2017
Diplom - Moving Image - Tittelsekvens
"Snekker Andersen & Julenissen"

Visuelt 2015
Diplom - Reklame
"McDonalds 20kr"

Visuelt 2014
Diplom - Open Class
"Presenting byHands"

Visuelt 2014
Diplom - Open Class
"Visuelt 2013 / Studio Crawl Pop-Up Exhibition at Toxic Invitation"

Visuelt 2014
Gold - Reklame
"NAF Summer"

Visuelt 2014
Gold - Moving Image - Identitet
"TV2 Zebra Rebrand"

Visuelt 2012
Diploma - Moving Image - Informasjonsfilm
"Jean Paul: School of Preppy"

Sølvtaggen 2012
"Norwegian Airlines: Local Heroes of Norway"

Gullblyanten 2012
"Norwegian Airlines: Local Heroes of Norway"

Collaboration with Alima Worldwide, based in the Philippines, for their Season 3 collection

The character is based on Robinson Crusoe from a 1960’s TV ad for Cap’n Crunch breakfast cereal by Jay Ward. A castaway, cast for a new role...
(original cels displayed below)
Available for purchase︎here

︎+47 95018243

︎Oslo, NORWAY